Borun the Pelican, 2017


There was a time when the first Gunai, who was Borun the Pelican, came down from the mountains of the northwest and reached the level country. He crossed the Latrobe River near Sale and continued his journey to Port Albert; he was alone carrying a bark canoe on his head. As he was walking he heard a constant tapping sound but, look as he may, he could not find the source of it. At last he reached the deep waters of the inlet and put his canoe down. Much to his surprise he saw a woman sitting in it. She was Tuck, the Musk Duck. He was very pleased to see her and she became his wife and the Mother of all the Gunai.

This artwork can only be collected from The Torch office in St Kilda. The Torch can recommend couriers to be engaged and paid for by the buyer.

41 × 88 cm | Acrylic on Canvas | Cat. no: 226-17