Brewarrina Dreamtime Country, 2019

This painting is based on Dreamtime knowledge and values handed down to me by my Elders. It depicts the Baranbinja creation story and shows the riverways, totems, message sticks, dendroglyph trees and hunting practices that are central to my culture.

In the beginning there were no plants, water, or people on this land. Byamee was sent down from the sky camp, and as hejourneyed across Country he shaped the earth and filled it with life. He met the cheeky black bream, Bunggula, whom he speared and then chased across the land. The path they carved became the winding Barwon River.

I feel proud to have discovered this information over decades of research and talking to Elders. As an artist it’s my responsibility to continue the practice of storytelling so that future generations understand the culture and traditions of my people.

This painting is everything of where I come from. It’s all my stories. It’s my belonging.

2100 × 6070 cm | Acrylic on Canvas | Cat. no: 123-19

This artwork has been sold.