Brewarrina / Hunters & Gatherers #5, 2019


My paintings tell stories about the creation of life, about animals, hunting journeys and about travelling across Country. Within these stories are teachings such as:

Winhanga-gi-gila-dha. Ngu-ng-gi-la-dha

Care for each other. Share with each other.

Marun-bunmi-ya mayiny-guwal-bang-gu

Be kind and gracious to strangers.

Yindyama-la Mayiny-galang-gu

Give honour and respect to all people.

Yandhu garry-bu Bila-galang-bu Nganga-girri Nginyalgir

Then the land and the rivers will look after you all.

Ralph Rogers: Byamee, Brewarrina exhibition, 8th April – 17 May 2019, Deakin University Downtown Gallery

This artwork will be available for collection after 17th May.

90 × 134 cm | Acrylic on Canvas | Cat. no: 119-19