Zac Wadawurrung people

Zac is a proud Wathaurong man. While Zac was in prison he learnt a lot about his culture and decided to start painting, joining The Torch in 2020. Zac’s first artwork through The Torch, ‘Overseeing Bunjil’, was selected as the promotional image for The Torch’s annual Confined exhibition and later released as a limited-edition art print.

About this artwork, Zac tells: ‘When I painted “Overseeing Bunjil”, I thought back to my childhood when my dad would take me to Buckley Falls. Just being around that area made me feel so close to my Country. I could imagine what it would be like there a hundred years ago, with my ancestors. That gave me the inspiration to put those feelings onto canvas; each line or patten has those memories in them and now sharing this painting with everyone makes me feel even prouder to be Aboriginal.’

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