Tamara Rose Gunditjmara people

Tamara Rose is a Gunditjmara/Noongar woman who spent her childhood growing up between Western Australia and the Framlingham Mission and in Warrnambool Victoria, with her two brothers and two sisters.

Whilst in Warrnambool Tamara spent her time going eeling in fresh water with Uncle Jock Austin and Uncle Banjo Clarke as well as cousins and family. "We would fish for eels and take them back to the camp site and cook them and tell stories. The water was that clear that you could see the eels to spear them and then pick them up out of the water."

"My journey to art has been new found, I have memories of the times with family and stories of the elders, my uncles, mostly hunting and camping in the bush. We hunted for kangaroo, emu, crabs and fresh water crayfish. They keep me connected to my culture."

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