Darcy Pettit Wiradjuri/Latje Latje/Mutti Mutti people

Darcy is a proud Wiradjuri/Latje Latje/Mutti Mutti man from Robinvale in north-western Victoria. He is the second eldest of five children and worked with his father around the Mallee country of Victoria and New South Wales. It was from his father, who was a shearer and cultural officer, that Darcy gained an appreciation of hard work and picked up traditional skills and cultural knowledge while hunting, fishing and collecting bush tucker from his country. The spectacular sunrises and sunsets of the Mallee have also had a strong influence on his development as an artist. While he is largely self-taught, his paintings display a range of influences from other artists he has met along his journey although his own country and culture are always the central focus. Having six children of his own, it is important to Darcy to pass on his skills and cultural knowledge to others through his art practice.

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